A simple and accessible system for managing field work

Swap papers and dysfunctional tools for a sophisticated Czech app! 

management software

Companies with people working off-site face specific challenges. A strategic plan for their management is therefore essential for success and ensures that tasks are performed by the most competent people, are at the right time in the right places and know important information and processes. 

Simple deployment, easy integration and use and, above all, many benefits 

Reduces the cost of managing mobile workers

It allows you to create work plans - complex and for each employee separately. 

When used effectively, up to 15% of travel costs are reduced.  

Saves time - of dispatchers, people in the field and your own

It has a user-friendly environment. 

It instantly transmits information between the worker and the dispatcher. 

It provides all the information in one place linked to the assigned tasks. 

Simplifies processes and lets you focus on what you can do

It allows you not to waste time. 

Automates repetitive activities.  

Displays detailed information and statistics

It allows you to compare work performance and monitor efficiency. 

Identifies workers who do not follow the plan.

Reduces carbon footprint and fuel costs

It helps to meet society's expectations of environmental responsibility.  

Minimises the amount of fuel travelled by optimising routes.  

Who will benefit from our workforce management?

WORKMATE has proven to be a great first choice for digitizing work for companies of all sizes.
for any type of business in field services 



Courier services

Workers replenishing goods

Municipal services

Social services

The price? Affordable!

We deliver the solution in the form of licenses per device/user. Konkrétní kalkulaci vám rádi obratem zašleme na základě vaší konkrétní specifikace.  

WORKMATE you will love

It gives managers an overview, and employees clarity on where, what and how to do.

Managers can, for example:

Plan tasks and assign them to staff

Preparing a complete work assignment  

Monitor the location of workers

Track task and location history

Evaluate the daily and monthly plan  

It allows field workers to, among other things:

Report to work

View the current task schedule 

Navigate to the place of

Share comments, photos and tasks

Record the completion or rejection of a task

Behind the solution is DATASYS, an IT company with 30 years of tradition

WORKMATE is not a knee-jerk solution, but a tool whose functionality is tested daily by thousands of our clients' employees. 

Reviews of satisfied customers


The Workmate app brings us great time and money savings. Our field employees no longer need paper notebooks in which they have to search for work assignments from their supervisor. They have everything clearly in the app and the company management can see how the tasks are being completed or where our employee is at the moment.

Václav Čížek

Executive Director, SYSCAE, s.r.o.

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A new working tool is always a responsible decision.
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